After sales service concept

  • service idea:

    Wholehearted service and perfection!

  • smile:

    Use a smile to convey heart and heart consideration!

  • quick:

    Quickly complete repair and maintenance services!

  • major:

    Provide customers with high-quality service!

  • sincere:

    Treat each other sincerely and honestly, and move customers from the bottom of my heart!

  • thoughtful:

    Meticulous service, completely solve your worries!

After sales service introduction

In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, please keep the warranty card properly. With the warranty card or purchase invoice, you can get corresponding services at the car sales unit or the service station designated by the car sales unit

01 When you buy a car, please check the car on the spot, and have the right to ask the salesperson to provide valid bills and warranty cards, as well as the detailed address and contact number of the repair unit.
02 After purchasing the car, you should carefully read the operation manual and master the correct operation methods and daily maintenance precautions. If you hand over the electric bicycle / light electric vehicle to someone who does not know the operation method, you should explain it to avoid accidental damage.
03 Please operate correctly according to the product manual.
Warranty details: see the attached table "Three Guarantees" warranty period and warranty standards
It does not belong to the scope and content of warranty
01 Failure caused by the users failure to use, maintain and adjust in accordance with the provisions of the "operation manual".
02 Damage caused by users modification and disassembly, as well as faults caused by non-compliance with use regulations.
03 Faults caused by improper storage or accidents by users.
04 There is no warranty card, bill or the ticket is inconsistent with the card.
05 Vulnerable parts and consumables are not "Three Guarantees".
06 Consumers should recognize the appearance quality when purchasing, and the appearance damage after use does not belong to the scope of warranty.
07 Self dismantling parts beyond the scope specified in the operation manual.
08 Repair the damage without the consent of the special maintenance unit.
Warranty principle
01 The company is still responsible for repairing the faults beyond the warranty scope and the main parts after the warranty period.

After sales contact information

  • Taizhou after sales center

    Five Star Diamond leopard after sales department, No. 78, east line, nongchang Avenue, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

  • Tianjin after sales center

    Five Star Diamond leopard electric vehicle, Liudaokou village, chagugang Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin

  • Wuxi after sales center

    Wuxi Lubao Technology Co., Ltd., Dacheng Industrial Park, anzhen Town, Xishan District, Wuxi

  • Henan after sales center