After sales service concept
Service concept: five-star service, perfect!
Smile: the heart and the heart of the heart with a smile!
Quick: quick completion of maintenance and maintenance services!
Professional: to provide customers with professional and quality service!
Sincere, Frank: have a genuine and sincere desire moved from the heart to the customer!
Thoughtful: meticulous service, solve your any menace from the "rear"!
After sales service
Dear customer hello:
Thank you for using the electric car produced by the company.
In order to protect consumers legitimate rights and interests of, please safekeeping warranty cards, to the warranty card and purchase invoices to specified by the unit of the car or the car service station to get the corresponding service.
One, guarantee
Detailed address and telephone number of 1, in your car, please inspection on the spot, and has the right to ask the sales staff to provide valid receipt and warranty card, and repair units.
2, after the car, you should carefully read the instructions for use, to master the correct use and daily maintenance of attention, if the electric bicycle / light electric vehicles over to understand the using method used should be explained, so as to avoid accidental damage.
3, please use the correct operation of the use of the product manual.
Two, the guarantee rules: see the schedule "Three Guarantees" guarantee period and guarantee standard
Three, does not belong to the scope and contents of the warranty
1, the user is not in accordance with the "use manual" of the provisions of the use, maintenance and adjustment caused by failure.
2, the users own modification, repair damage caused, and do not comply with the use of the provisions of the fault.
3. The failure of the user or the user to keep the fault caused by the accident.
4, no warranty card, ticket or ticket card.
5, spare parts, consumables not included in "three packs".
6, consumers pay attention to the appearance quality, because of the appearance damage does not belong to the scope of warranty.
7, the use of the scope of the provisions of the scope of their own to dismantle.
8, without special maintenance unit agreed to repair the damage caused by.
Four, the guarantee principle
The main parts of the company are still in charge of repair after the failure of the scope of the guarantee and the main parts of the maintenance period.