ABOUT US/ 五星钻豹
Five-Star Drilling Leopard Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a research and development, design, production and sales as one of the group of innovative technology enterprises.
The company has been adhering to the "dare to be the first" spirit of enterprise dedicated to innovative research and development of electric vehicles and integrated design. This spirit of first innovation also covers all aspects of enterprise operation. From design innovation to product selling point innovation, and then to marketing innovation. The spirit of innovation is the source of enterprise growth.
Five-star drill leopard has the ability to integrate design, many international frontier fashion elements into product design, so that the companys products become fashionable, personality, avant-garde and elegant. The design of five star leopard is loved by many young and fashionable women. The company has five-star leopard drilling in Zhejiang, five-star leopard drilling in Tianjin, five-star leopard drilling in Henan, Wuxi leopard production base. It owns more than 220 thousand square meters of modern production plant. The annual production capacity exceeds 1 million 500 thousand units. Formed a luxury, simple, tricycles, heavy truck and other categories of production pattern. It has laid a good foundation for enterprises to take off again.

Zhejiang production base
Zhejiang zuanbao Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful East China Sea coast of Zhejiang Taizhou Economic Development Zone, has a large modern production plant more than 60000 square meters, equipped with automatic production hanging production line 5 and advanced research and development, testing equipment, the main production and sales of luxury models, the annual production capacity of 60 million units, the existing staff of more than 1000 people, college degree or above of professional management personnel of more than 150 people, which engineers, senior engineers, more than 20. In 2013 the company comprehensively promote the development of enterprises, factory currently has 1 million square meters of paint department, annual production paint 40 million units; have been built 5 modern synchronized car assembly production lines and two into car packaging, storage, transport wire feeding, the effective protection of enterprise products manufacturing and sales.
Tianjin production base
Tianjin zuanbao Electric Bicycle Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Beichen District, and now has a modern production plant 30000 square meters, the existing staff of 450 people, including more than 100 college culture degree of professional management personnel, mainly to produce simple models based, annual production capacity of 50 million, with paint of the company, annual production of the lacquer that bake a 30 million units, to enhance the market competitiveness of car appearance.
Henan production base
Henan zuanbao Bicycle Co., Ltd. project in February 2013 began to build, covers an area of 220 acres, 10 million square meters of large factories, the completed a phase of the project investment, with a total investment of 1.05 billion yuan, the completion of the project with an annual output of electric luxury paragraph two wheel vehicle 40 million, 30 million electric tricycle, arrange jobs more than 800 people. Five-star zuanbao electric car brand has always insisted on the idea of "difference" strategy, with the purpose of "dare for the world first" business philosophy, relying on professional R & D technology, strong economic strength, and constantly develop new products, new attractions, improve product technology, quality, and strive to achieve "no I have, I have excellent people, gifted people my full, people I completely different. Company strictly according to ISO9000 international quality management system of production and quality control; five-star zuanbao efforts to build a well-known trademark in China, for the innovation and development of energy-saving and unremitting pursuit.